Guilds of Ravnica Archetypes

GRN (Guilds of Ravnica) has two dominant styles of drafting with some fun strategies tucked away if you’re slightly lucky on magic arena. Here is our ranked list below.

Boros Aggro

Do you enjoy playing 15-16 lands? Want to turn 4 someone just to ruin their day? Welcome to the Boros Legion, now get down and give me 20 (life points).

Below is a gallery of commons and uncommons I suggest drafting, here we have the top picks.

Next, we have the hearty filler for the average Boros deck. Generally you want to focus on the 1 and 2 mana slot creatures first as too many 4 drops won’t let you play 15-16 lands with an effective curve.

Dimir Surveil

Here is a short list of the top Dimir commons and uncommons that you should pick above nearly everything else if you have a guiding rare or mythic in these colors.

Lastly, here are the decent, but not stellar commons and uncommons that I’d be happy to play.

Selesnya Tokens

Because Dimir and Boros are the top tier decks Selesnya takes a back seat to what I prefer to draft on arena. Unless you can get any of these three insane mythics I won’t bother going into this style of deck otherwise.

Naya Mythics

If you’re like me, you’ll be knee deep in Boros by pack 2/3 and open up one of the mythics seen above, it is possible to splash for March of the Multitudes or Trostani and go three colors, just keep an eye out for on color gates and try to keep the shared guild color (white) the bulk of your deck.

Golgari Undergrowth

While it’s usually the second to last deck I ever get to play with, Kraul Foragers makes this deck possible. The ability to put 4 power in play and gain 3-8 life brings you back from death. With a few copies this shuts Boros down hard, and the value engines that G/B has access to can push through the Dimir hard lock. If you can’t get some lifegain with the Foragers however, this deck crumpled pretty fast to most decent aggro decks.

Izzet Spells

Typically a good draft deck is defined by commons and uncommons. However, if you’re able to get a pack 1 pick 1 Ral or Niv, the R/U spells deck can* win, even consistently. But relying on good rares and mythics is lucky event and still requires solid play to even win. Avoid this deck like the plague if you can.


GRN is a fast format that requires the exact 25 playable cards you picked up during the draft and each guild feels unique in it’s own way. Thank you for taking the time to visit one of my favorite drafting environments on Arena, if you’d like help us improve our drafting AI please reach out to us on Twitter, YouTube, or on the website.

Core 20 Omni Drafting

Science Theory

  1. Is this format fun?
  2. How easy it to reclaim your entry cost (Expected Value)?

Yes, but be ready for games to end turn 1.

The standard 5k/750g has a worse EV than traditional draft. Due to the speed increase of best of one games, you can spend resources in less than 30 minutes for a full run. This event will require a 60%+ win rate to break even (ignoring the value of filling out your collection, always a plus).

Like the previous omni events, the bots have a similar pick order, which we can use to our advantage. Cards like Angelic gift can easily 15th pick if you can plan ahead.

Remember you only start off with 3 cards instead of 7 at the beginning of the game, so we are looking for 3 card combos to win turn 1.

Broken Combos

  1. Turn 1 play winged words, draw two
  2. Play Scholar, return WW
  3. Unsummon Scholar
  4. Repeat but also grab the unsummon, draw every card in your deck before your opponent can play a card
  1. Getting two Yarok’s wavecrasher in your hand with either a corpse knight or risen reef wins the game.
  2. Just return each wavecrasher off each other for this elementally broken combo

Drawing more cards off your cantrips (free effects) allows us to rip through ourdeck like Yu-Gi-Oh

There are fewer free sacrifice outlets than I’d like for this to win turn one, but this should be able to draw you into a good amount of cards.

30 Game Winning Cards

Your deck will have to play almost all cards you draft, so making sure to pick high CMC (converted mana cost) creatures and enough defense like bone to ash can protect you from your opponent. Murder and instant speed removal work well.

Note: X spells for Omni are 0. So that awesome hydra isn’t going to do much here, neither are spells like convolute or pay X counterspells.

This event is great to pick up those random cards your missing from m20 and the match is over faster than almost all other magic. So make sure to grab your m20 before Throne of Eldarine:

This is just a subjective view, but many turn 1 decks will be drafted in a few hours. If you’d like to talk about drafting further please visit the official magic Arena discord group here:

Thanks for reading! Check out our links above and share if you can help us out. Spot something I missed, let me hear it!