How fast is Kaldheim?

Are aggressive decks well positioned against snow tribal? The first week of arena premier drafting ended with a 64% win rate (14-8) between 3 drafts.

The format is aggressive with some games ending as quickly as turn 5-6. It’s possible to steam roll opponents with a few synergies. Below is my two most successful drafts with G/B Elves and R/W aggro. My 5-color snow deck was a measly 3-3.

Elf Tribal

Starting the draft off with Harald Unites the Elves (good for you Harald) was supposed to try out the medium flavor of elves, but opening Elvish warmaster pack 2 sealed the deal.

Duskwielder was a key component with Bloodsky Berserker to win a majority of my games by dropping each of them, or even two berserkers on turn 3 to put 7 power in play turn 3, which often led to 11+ turn 4 attacking.

Tribal rare drafting: 9/10

R/W Aggro

Double spelling outside of W/B is significantly harder. There are less payoff rewards that impact the board and I kept wishing I could get through the 2/3 Ice trolls with my weaker 1-2 drops. I felt that my run amok count was too low to win combat early and the Kaya’s Onslaught couldn’t target anything with trample on my side.

That didn’t stop me from destroying nearly every snow 3+ color deck in my way! Timeless aggro strategies will hold up early in new sets, but will that hold true once the format settles?

Aurora-Boros-lis?: 9.5/10

Thank you for reading!

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear your feedback!

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