Max McCann

Contact: mccannm@mtgforecast.com – Questions, etc

Who are you?

Just a guy trying. I’m a Purdue graduate with a degree in information systems. I love working with data to build quality products. I’m currently working with full-stack web development and the occasional ETL/data tasks. In my spare time, I’m playing MTG, playing pinball, flying drones, or some other zany passion.

What else do you do?

I post blog articles here every month about MTG and software development. It helps my writing and builds the network.

Huge advocate for the startup community of Ann Arbor, check Spark out here!

I’m a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and the diversity coalition. Pride is fun, and make sure to support groups like Affirmations.

What is Team Forecast?

Team Forecast is a blog and project generator for innovators. If you’d like to get in contact for professional inquires, follow the link here.

Who else are you?

Besides development and operations I love working with Matthew Turnbull and Matt Stoloff. They have been supportive in ways I can’t express. I enjoy teaching magic the gathering players how to draft and helping active learners succeed.

Where did all this start?

The Team Forecast started as a side project working with local magic the gathering players who had a passion for data. Davidson, NC was the start of it with Davidson Machine Learning with Phillipe Loher. We started as a small group in 2017 to speak about data science with presentations and free pizza for people willing to explore math and IT. After moving to Michigan and parting with DML I started Team Forecast as a model after the success there.

What is your favorite card?

Feat of Resistance is one of the best combat tricks of all time. It’s reprinted in m21 and mystery boosters. You can grant evasion, protect your threats, win combat, and synergize with +1/+1s.